Dr. Mystique

24 years Licensed Naturopathic Physician and Acupuncturist; Homeopath, Reike Master, Instructor; Skilled in Hypnotherapy, British Sports Therapy, Touch for Health, cranial therapies and herbal medicine.


In the past year Dr. Mystique had been the weekly expert on naturopathic medicine for the local radio station KGMI on AM790. She was also host of her own internet talk show, Get Natural on www.voiceamerica.com.

Dr. Mystique served on the local Food Cooperative Board of Directors in the past  for 3 1/2 years. She was also Chairman of the Member Affairs committee and Secretary of the Board.

She earned Dr. Mystique received her undergraduate degree at Washington State University in Biology and Genetics. She earned her degrees as a Naturopathic Physician and Master of Science in Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture at Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington 1993 and 1994. Dr. Mystique also traveled to China for an intensive internship in Chinese Medicine.

As Teacher and Trainer:

Dr. Mystique teaches Acutonics Sound Healing which is a system that focuses on the body as a sound resonator, using energy meridians and acupuncture points as pathways for sound. Sound healing helps the body resonate with cosmic harmonies, awakening cellular memory and imprinting health in the body.

As Speaker and Lecturer:

Dr. Mystique loves to self-empower people so she will lecture on any health topic, giving guidance and tips on how to find the right treatment for the individual condition. She is expert on integrating her extensive knowledge and sharing it with her patients and student in an easy, pragmatic manner. She believes that education is the key to taking the fear out of disease and empowering people to take the first step to improving their health. Check out the Class Schedule!

As Physician:

Dr. Mystique has learned to listen with her heart, to root out the source of health problems and to find the treatment that best fits the individual. She is willing to take people at whatever level they start, this is a powerful place of non-judgment which gives her patients hope and makes them feel safe. She is able to motivate the individual and encourage them on their path to greater health.

As a Member of the Community:

Dr. Mystique's goal as an integrated teacher, speaker and expert is to empower the individual, serve as a guide who can provide safe sane advice in a confusing world of health options, and inform not overwhelm. Dr. Mystique provides a safe environment for people to share their deepest health concerns of body, mind or spirit. She brings hope that is out of the medical box that we are locked in today and provides practical effective tools for healing.