Almost Mother’s Day

As Mother’s Day, then soon, Father’s Day approaches I can’t help thinking about how we celebrate a parent(biological or not) on specific days, thanking them for all the nourishment, love, care and attention that we have been given over the year or years. We show how grateful we are for ears that listen, arms that hug, hands that do and hearts that are full and everything that makes us feel good, even when we are not always thankful at the times these gifts of humanity are given to us. I want to also express my love and thankfulness for Mother Nature/God/Universal consciousness (however you think of a higher power) for helping humanity thrive, giving us a place for food and shelter, families and loved ones. There are many, many bad things in this world, all seemingly caused by man him/herself and maybe we should celebrate loving things more often to combat this. So smile like a dandelion, sing like a bird and radiate love and thankfulness like the sun because we sure could use a whole lot more of that!