Corona Virus

I know everyone is in a tizzy about corona virus in washington state. I made a call to the local labs to see what testing materials might be necessary and also to find latest protocols suggested to medical staff and hospitals:
1.For all updates of information that are most current go here
2. Seattle is not currently a screening airport but sounds like it will be. The border to Canada and The Vancouver international airport are screening.
3. All flights coming from WUHAN china only are being redirected to one of 5 airports where screening is set up. San fran, LAX, NYC, Atlanta and chicago
4. If you are not a susceptible person (i.e. not elderly or very young or ill) you are at low risk of severe illness even if infected.
5. Corona virus is a reportable disease, meaning the person will be quarantined and if you suspect you are infected you should notify the physician if you are going to a clinic as they must gown up with gloves, mask, everything. Hospitals should not need the prior notice.
6. At this time the ONLY people being investigated for this virus are those who have traveled from Wuhan china or had contact with someone who did. So that rules out a LOT of people.
Thats the simple news but in addition:
1. It’s still very possible there are travelers and exposures that got through before screening at the above airports especially if the travelers were asymptomatic
2. Information from china may not be complete
3. There is no specific test readily/locally available to confirm the diagnosis so samples need to be sent to the CDC. However the doctor an exposed person is seeing can collect samples AND rule out other things like influenza and RSV viruses first before additional testing even needs to be done.
4. the “screening” at the airports so far is just a temperature and a questionnaire. sigh, its a place to start I guess.
5. The most dangerous symptoms, as in any respiratory infection is pneumonia- phlegm, fever, fatigue, lack of oxygen. This is why young, ill or elderly may be at greater risk
What you can do:
1.Eat Healthy!! no sugar, refined foods
2.Use Colloidal Silver, Oregano Oil, Medicinal mushrooms, Olive Leaf as you would for any virus
3. If in public wear a mask if you have a cough (N95) and wash your hands if you touch anything like phones, shopping carts, door handles. Use sanitizers often. If you want natural suggestions you can make an appointment with me.