Coronavirus update

Turns out maybe things are a bit worse than we were lead to believe in China. There was a 3 week delay before they notified the public of the outbreak.Their military are closing all entrance and exit/transportation in at least 5 cities in china. They have set up 2 quarantine camps.The virus incubation is 4-7 days so could have been spread further than we know by asymptomatic people.For those who are not traveling but are around the public still wash hands frequently, use sanitizer on all public surfaces or your own hands after they are touched. For those traveling: wear masks in all airports, blow your nose and throw tissue away, not in a pocket, after arrival. Planes are notorious for not cleaning much between flights so do not use the blankets, pillows and consider using a sanitized wipe to wipe your seat and tray table. Everyone should make sure they are eating healthy and take immune support or stay out of the public if you are immune compromised. Natural remedies may be discussed further in person if you make an appointment. 360.527.2812

symptoms may still only present as a common flu, but coronaviruses are notorious for mutating so that may explain why it seems to be spreading so fast.