EDIT: sorry i meant to say the virus could be spread as early as 4-7 days but this one has a 14 day incubation which is quite a bit longer.

Shockingly I have already seen this virus being used to steer people to 1. go cashless 2. stop eating meat 3. more new injections 4. Encouraging people not to gather in public places

1. Dollars and Coins do carry a lot of germs, so a pair of gloves or hand sanitizer after handling it would still work if you are concerned. Remember money is always germy and we don’t always get sick from it either…
2. Not all diseases come from meat, in fact its more often parasites(i.e. worms) or bacteria. 
3. influenza family of viruses come around EVERY year. Because of quick person to person mutations and health differences this particular virus may become nothing at all by the time it gets to your city. So DONT panic, you have options. 
4. we can still be in public, just be more conscientious about what you touch like elevator buttons, hand rails, debit card keypads, your face etc. wash your hands more often. And don’t go to work, the store or visit people when you are ill. This is why it is important to have supplies on hand so you don’t have to be in public at all if you have concerns.