In a world that is becoming the internet of everything (IoT), a question that doesn’t seem to get asked is “Do we even want this?”. And by “we” I mean us, the average person, the general public, everyday people and children. More and more it seems that we are getting told what we want, what we need to buy, what we need. Certainly some of those things are wonderful when it comes to advances in science and medicine using technology. Even computer advocates love the ease of collating billions of bits of data in nanoseconds instead of hours or months like in the past. But is a smart, self driving car really worth the headaches and brain fog? or is the “every child gets a tablet” in school worth the cancer? This could be an existential crisis! Is it going to be about All tech versus No tech or can we find a place in between?

I am teaching a class about the concerns and wonders of technology on Tuesday October 15 at 630-830 in our own downtown Co-Op. Please attend, its only $5 /person. You need to call the Community Food Co-Op to sign up.