People are extremely stressed right now. Often times I see anxiety and depression with it. Currently I am seeing mostly anxiety. Anxiety about the future: health and access to medicine, education for soon to graduate teens, racial currents, sexual identity currents, finances and even the home.

The basics for human survival include shelter, food, water and safety.

A different way at looking at all this might however be that we are in a wonderful state of change. This is very frightening to some. We like things to be the same, it's predictible and certain. But "same" equates to stagnation, or stuck, or no growth. We are now in a state of change that allows growth, creativity, a place to do things differently! (Remember we are where we are now because a lot of things are stuck and need something different anyway). This is where it is exciting. So I encourage all of you who feel unsafe right now, start using that dusty creativity and see how you might do things differently, out of the box, non-traditional on every level. And if you have teens, or kids of any talking age, ask them for ideas, you wouldn't believe what genius ideas they can come up with.

I have some other suggestions as well to help calm that underlying anxiety and stress that is affecting your health, digestion, sleep, brain function and moods:

  1. Eat organic, this is becoming necessary, no longer an option
  2.  5 hydroxy gaba by priority one, this is a great nervous system formula that is non-drowsy and if taken in the daytime will help with stress and moods, but in the evening can aid sleep. Ask advice from me or your doctor before adding this if you are taking prescriptions.
  3.  Doterra brand essential oils and blends like Balance, Breathe, Past Tense, Lavender, Lime/Cedarwood, In Tune (focus), etc. You can ask a representative or myself for advice on how to use these.
  4.  Decrease coffee to no more than 2 cups per day.